You are on the safe side. With our tools. For flat or rotary die-cutting. Technologies for highest performance. And convincing results. So you packaging becomes an eye-catcher at the point of sale. Custom fit for your needs. Flat. Or rotary.


If you want to know even more exciting background information about die-cutting, simply visit our Experience Hub. This knowledge platform offers you exclusive content on all aspects of packaging: studies, whitepapers, videos and much more.

A small example: Do you know how high the cost of the cutting-die is in a folding carton or corrugated board packaging? 

We do. Because as part of an extensive market data project, we have determined how high the average cost of the cutting-die is for a folding carton or corrugated board packaging.

Please find the results in our study. 



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There are different ways of die-cutting. Flat. And rotary. We find the right solution for you. For the material you wand to cut. And your requirements.

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