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Your maximum performance is our objective. From the start. This is precisely why we offer you not only tools. But also a wide range of services. For smooth manufacturing processes. Efficiency in your production. Professionally trained employees. And perfect packaging at the point of sale.
Benefit from Marbach know-how. And from almost 100 years of experience.

Use our large range of services. For your success. Have we aroused your curiosity? Then get in touch with your Marbach contact person. Or send an email to marketing@marbach.com.


Packaging design services.

You have a great idea for packaging? Or do you have a product that needs to be packaged safely and attractively? We are happy to support you in the development of your packaging. Explain to us your requirements and preferences. And our creative minds will develop the right packaging for you.  
We don't just develop packaging that perfectly matches your requirements. We also check the feasibility of the packaging idea. And thus the technical tool implementation. Put your trust in our many years of experience. 

Choose the suitable options for your packaging development.
- Development of packaging by product (packaged goods).
- Development of packaging according to an idea (e.g. packaging template).
- Creation of plotter samples.

Why you should use our service.
- We realize your ideas and requirements competently. 
- You benefit from our many years of experience.
- We don‘t just develop packaging. We always have an eye on the technical feasibility of the tool as well. This saves you time. And resources.
- You receive everything from a single source and thus save precious coordination effort.

Development of packaging. With simultaneous examination of the technical implementation of the tools. Benefit from this very special Marbach service.

Packaging optimization.

Packaging design services.

Your packaging not only needs to be visually convincing. But it also has to function smoothly. And not only that. Many factors are important in packaging production. Of course, first of all the technical feasibility of the layout. Productivity in packaging production. But also  the materials that are used should be optimally utilized. With as little waste as possible. 
In order to provide you with the best possible support for these diverse tasks, we will be happy to optimize your packaging for you.

Choose suitable options for your packaging optimization.
- Optimization of the individual ups.
- Definition/optimization of the layout.
- Technical design of the tool.
- Creation of plotter samples.

Why you should use our service.
- You receive know-how from a specialist in die-cut packaging. 
- You save material through an optimized packaging layout.
- You can increase the efficiency of your production.
- Your customers benefit from more productivity in their packging process.
- You get everything from a single source and thus save valuable coordination effort.

Let us optimize your packaging for you. Benefit from the numerous advantages of this Marbach service.

Supply of CAD Packaging data.


You have a packaging sample. But no CAD design for it? Our experienced employees will support you. Simply supply us with the packaging. And we supply you with the data. Fast and without complications. 

Choose suitable options for your CAD design.
- CAD design according to samples.
- Creation of plotter samples.

Why you should use our service.
- We implement your ideas and requirements competently. 
- You benefit from our many years of experience.
- We deliver the data to you. 
- You secure the data availability. Independently of the supplier.

We take over the creation of the CAD data for you. So you can concentrate on your core business. Benefit from the know-how of the Marbach CAD experts.

Material selection and optimization.

Packaging design services.

You are looking for the right material for your packaging, but are not sure how the different types of paperboard can be processed? You would like to test the material extensively beforehand? 
We will gladly support you with material tests. Show you what matters. Recommend parameters to you. And produce a test form for you in order to test the theoretical values in practice. We advise you on topics such as fibre direction, packaging design and layout. And help you with the worldwide standardization of your packaging.

Choose suitable options for material tests.
- Carrying out crease bend tests. Fast and precisely.
- Determination of creasing forces and folding resistances.
- Recommendation of parameters. 
- Production of test forms. 
- Full-format die-cutting tests in a production environment.

Why you should use our service.
- To make sure in advance that the material you choose can be die-cut and creased as desired.
- For trouble shooting if the new material is already in use and does not achieve the desired results.
- To optimise your productivity. Get the best output for your customers by perfectly matching your process and tool to the material.

Selection and optimization of paperboard material. Benefit from the technologies and expertise of the die-cutting experts.

Die-cutting of samples. And small series.

Packaging services.

You need a small series? Sample cutting? Or Limited Editions? We have a modern die-cutting machine at our location in Heilbronn. This enables us to produce blanks for you. For packging tests. And filling tests. Made of blank material. Or printed by you. Paperboard. Or corrugated board. Up to 4mm.

Choose suitable options for your die-cutting job.
Die-cutting. Stripping. And blanking.
- Of small series. 
- Of limited editions.
- Of samples. 

Why you should use our service.
- The optimal solution for packing and filling tests.
- For outsourcing limited editions.
- For orders that require special tool technologies.
- You can use your machine capacities for your own production orders.

Use your machines efficiently. And outsource your limited editions and packing tests. We die-cut for you.

Process optimization


There are many ways to increase your production performance. In addition to the perfectly fitting tool package, well-trained employees play just as important a role as the productive use of your machinery. And the correct handling of the used tool technologies. 
For this reason, we have recently added the new "Marbach Performance Boost" service package to our portfolio. Your die-cutting processes will be analyzed on-site. And on the basis of this analysis a concept for optimization will be created. With the Performance Boost Package you can significantly increase your productivity. Thus saving time and money in the long-term.

Choose suitable options for your Performance Boost package.
- Analysis of your current processes and the die-cutting environment at your site. 
- Analysis of the die-cutting stations. Stripping. And blanking.
- Evaluation of the analysis.
- Recommendation of actions needed to increase productivity, for example:
  + Cleaning of the die-cutting platen to remove unevenness.
  + Compensation of height tolerances in the die-cutting platen.
  + Centering of the die-cutting, stripping and blanking stations.
  + Recommendations for suitable equipment and materials for the die-cutting machine environment.

Why you should use our service.
- You can increase the productivity of your die-cutting machines by 30% and more. 
- You will be supported by experienced application engineers.
- The analysis will be carried out on-site on your production machines.
- We present the results of the analysis to you on-site and discuss our recommendations with you in detail.

Take advantage of our expertise. And benefit in the long term from an increase in productivity in your production. Enhance your performance. With the Marbach Performance Boost package.

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