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We at Marbach have the fitting solution. Starting with the dieboards. For standard requirements there is our multiplex wooden dieboard. And the Marbach greenplate. With this sustainable dieboard you not only produce great packaging. You help the environment. We also have solutions for more exacting requirements in terms of lifespan and dimensional stability. With materials like duramar, solidplate and aluminium.

Working on our dieboards, nothing is left to chance. Depending on the material, the slots are cut by water jet or by laser. With up to 200,000 Hz our laser machines shoot energy pulses into the wood. It evaporates. Within fractions of a second. Resulting in precise circles. Lined up thousandfold they create a piece of art. With precision and force. The pulsed laser cut.

Our sales team knows which dieboard works best for your specifications. Let us advise you. 


Our experienced employees knife each cutting die with utmost care. At Marbach we only use quality rule material. It is manufactured, developed and tested according to our standards. Our modern machine park ensures that our knives are precisely cut to length, ground and bent. But not only this makes the difference. Our assembly techniques are one of a kind. With channel grinding. And angle grinding. Stress-less knifing. This way you can achieve the best performance. Because a cutting die can only cut as well as it is built.

For perfect cutting results, the rule material is of utmost importance. What are your requirements for the cutting die? Which material are you cutting? Marbach uses different types of rule depending on your application. Most of them developed by Marbach. A comprehensive portfolio for any objective. For every need. Small or large runs. It doesn't matter what is being cut: paperboard. Or corrugated board. Coated or uncoated material. Plastic. Foam. For every application the matching rule. We would be glad to advise you. Entirely individual. From the start. For the best performance. Find more information about cutting rule on our overview page. 

You can’t generalize the topic of nicks. There are many different factors when making nicks. Quantity. Location. Manufacturing. And width. 
For example the fibre-based material to be cut. Its relative residual moisture. And if the carton is coated with a plastic film. The Position. With or against the grain direction. At the back of the sheet. Or in the front. Where it has to carry more weight. Force-fitting. Or not. The way of making them. The most stable when they are ground. The rubber. And many more. 

Nicks make the difference. They determine the performance. Nicks ensure a smooth transport of the sheet through the die cutter. And therefore determine if you can run the machine on half or full speed. Whether your blanks are waste-free. Or not. 

Packaging without any nicks? That is seldom possible. But: we have the experience and special Marbach technologies to best position the nicks. As delicately as possible. And only as many as needed.

Transport nicks should always be ground in. For maximum stability. Best done by us. With the Marbach CNC nick grinder. Or if necessary on site at your factory. With the mafix. The solution for a later optimization of stripping nicks is our marbanick. Defined strength. For very fine nicks. Unique.

Flexibility is important when it comes to nicks. That's what the nick changing system for corrugated applications is for. With it, a cutting die can be perfectly set up for different material characteristics in the least possible time.

One standard. Developed by us.

The mpower cutting rule. The reason: a rounded cutting edge. Absorbing tolerances. Eliminating angel hair. Almost immune to over pressure. For the shortest make-ready times. For the highest cutting performance. From the first to the last sheet.


The best rubbering ensures optimal holding down and ejection of the diecut substrate. The result: high productivity and smooth production processes. Therefore rubbering is an essential part of the cutting die. The process starts with the design of the rubber. And it ends with choosing the correct material. We cut the selected rubber with our specially developed waterjet machine mjet. So that it is perfectly fitted to the contours of the cutting rule. And very functional.


Different paperboards require different rubber. The diecut contour plays a major role when choosing the right rubber. To achieve optimal functionality the rubber has to be specified individually and matched to the requirements of each order. The rubber materials used by Marbach are very diverse. And they are all from carefully selected suppliers. Most of them are produced exclusively for Marbach. This ensures you greatest
durability and best functionality.

Die cutting corrugated board requires the perfect match in terms of rubber. Ask us. We know what kind of rubber needs to be used and where. Marbach has the special kinds of rubber that will make your manufacturing process even more productive. So that your corrugated blanks will be ejected perfectly. Waste-free. Without marks.

For the selection of the rubber you can rely on us. With decades of experience we know which rubber has the best effect at which position. For highest productivity in your die cutting process. Our knowledge of materials also sets us apart. Not only diverse. But individual

Packaging. Just like a piece of art. It stands out. It tells a story. It sells the product at the point of sale.

What is the secret? It's the finishing. It makes it one of a kind. We not only offer cutting dies. But also embossings. Made on CNC milling machines. And on the latest laser engraver. For the very fine details. Concentrated embossing expertise. Decades of experience in diemaking. Everything from one source. For short distances. And fast delivery times. You have the guarantee that everything fits perfectly.

It doesn't end there. You will distinguish yourself from other companies by using our technologies such as
reverse cuts or pure edge for corrugated packages. Incomparable tools. With incomparable results. What makes the difference are our many years of experience. Unpacking is a wonderful experience with highly finished boxes. It appeals to the consumer's senses. With absolute beauty. Highest quality. And best functionality. A breathtaking result.

Your customers request blanks that work. That are beautiful. For extraordinary packaging. And blanks, that run smoothly through the gluing and packing machine. Not only the cutting die matters. The matching counter plate is a critical part of the success. For everything to fit together, you receive the optimal counter plates for your jobs. Matrix, rillma, steel counter plates in various versions and different levels of hardness. With Marbach's solutions you are equipped for everything. For results you can boast about. Our experts are looking forward to consult you. 

The stripping process plays an important role in packaging manufacturing. It has to be as efficient as possible. Waste-free blanks are essential for the packaging process. Many different dynamics are involved in stripping waste pieces. For that reason it is prone to failure. But not so with Marbach solutions. We are able to keep the dynamic energy under control. With the use of special claws. And the special geometry of the tool. With the marbastrip technology. Waste is shot downwards in a controlled way. And doesn’t cause any trouble. 

The ultimate refinement of this revolutionary technology is the masterstrip|plate. With this upper stripping tool, the stripping process is even more stable. Waste-free. Safe stripping – with Marbach.

Blanking die cutters are trending. The advantage is not just productivity. But also an exact delivery of the blanks. For optimal processing. It's worth it. Especially with the lightblanker. This light and economical tool is perfect for orders that were separated manually before.

For higher requirements, there is the marbablanker and the Marbach compact tool. For optimal separation. Without compromise

In the nick-breaking tools, the punches in the male blanker are replaced by special pins. These are positioned in a way that the nicks can be separated specifically and in a controlled manner. So the ups fall down vertically. Without twisting. Or tilting. This allows significantly faster machine speeds in special application scenarios with small cards. Without time-consuming machine stops. The blanks can be separated securely. And stacked neatly.

Safety plays a big part in packaging. Also for us. Our tools have direct contact with the packaging. The topic of product safety is a priority for us here at Marbach. Not only our advanced assembly processes ensure this. Special fastening technology secures any components installed in a tool. For a smooth manufacturing process. But that is not all. 

With our specifically developed die-cutting tool marbaclean we meet the highest standards of hygiene for you. Up until now everyone has concentrated on the packaging materials regarding hygiene. And the end product. But what about the tools that make the packaging?  They can also cause contamination. We prefer to be on the safe side. That is why Marbach has a special hygiene tool. marbaclean is equipped with special safeguards and  materials for the food industry. Certified. So you can be safe. Even for highest hygiene requirements.

The package has to fit. With the product. In the process. We are aiming high at Marbach. Quality is a way of life for us. We have tools for quality control of packaging. For you. Always ensuring you remain on the safe side with your customers. Check the creasing values and the folding resistance of your packaging beforehand. Or directly during production. For quality assurance. And for documentation. Create an easy test. Depending on the purpose, with the hydraulic lab press or the toggle press. Put the test in the crease bend tester. Measure the creasing values. Done. That way you have absolute control. Also with regards to your customer’s requests. Lean back and relax.  

From A for aluminum hammer. M for matrix. R for rubber strips. To Z for zone levelling materials. We have almost every material and tool needed in a packaging printing company.

Also in our portfolio: Marbach developments that make your everyday work easier. Place nicks quickly and easily. With the marbanick. But that is not all. Order your small tools with us. Rule pullers. Pliers. Measuring instruments. And much more.

You can find all materials in our web shop.

And also in our portfolio: materials for manufacturing cutting dies. Flat. As well as rotary. 

Dieboards.Rubber. Rule. Components for strippers and blankers. And tools for the assembly of cutting dies. You can obtain these and many more at Marbach. According to your needs. No one size fits all. But an individual custom fit for each one.

With the Marbach polyurethane hammer you knife the wooden shells. The specific Marbach cutting rule mhard|r, various Marbach rubbering materials, together with the practical Marbach handles ensure the best performance from your rotary dies.

Ask us: trade@marbach.com

It is carefully packaged by our shipping department. The delivery: via Marbach transport. Via shipping agency. Via air freight. According to your schedule. Even over night. 

And we are also a certified known consignor. So you can benefit from fast customs clearance. In order to send materials overseas we rely on container shipments. We load the containers here on site. Your advantage: various materials. In one container. Saves you freight costs. And time. Perfectly packaged. And shipped quickly. That is how we do logistics at Marbach

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