Product attributes.

In thermoforming, it is important that the tool is perfectly matched to the process and the product to be formed. Depending on the application, different attributes of the tool have to be taken into account in order to deliver perfect results. 

Safe handling along the entire line.

no jamming and easy separation of the articles with minimal stacking height.

Right from the start, we carry out batch tests on the article model. We optimize the stacking height and the gap between the products. Together with the perfectly shaped details on the article across all cavities, this ensures safe handling in manual and automated downstream processing.

The correct engineering of the tools ensures a fast, effective and symmetrical supply of all cavities with forming air. This ensures a wide processing window and thus process reliability."

Plugwork: In the best shape.

ndividual plug-assist development.

Every product geometry poses new challenges for the design of the plug assist. Sheet variants, process settings and individual customer requirements for stability, transparency, weight and minimum sheet thicknesses in the corners make the perfect plug assist a valuable one-of-a-kind. Using the latest calculation programs and decades of experience, our experts select the right materials and develop optimized geometries for the best cup or bowl.

Eye-catching through transparent articles.

Highly transparent surfaces without scratches.

With specially polished molded parts and plug assist materials matched to the material with the highest surface quality, Marbach tools form articles with impressive transparency.

Hollow Bottom function.

For maximum decoration area and/or integrated pressure compensation.

With the special hollow bottom function, the bottom of the cup is pressed into the cup body. This enables a particularly small diameter at the base of the cup and thus the possibility of printing the cup wall very far down in the best quality.

On the other hand, the sunken bottom can also be used as a membrane for pressure equalization. This technology is used in aviation or in countries with high mountains.

The Marbach hollow bottom technology enables the individual adjustment of the inverted height and thus a particularly precise filling volume.

Reduced use of materials.

Modern tool technology for more sustainability.

We not only consider technological, but also ecological aspects. Our objective is for the optimal use of resources.

The production of 100% salable goods is the most effective resource. We reduce plastic consumption through minimal spacing between the cavities in the mold, as well as through optimized sidewall distribution.

Marbach Air-Technology not only increases the molding speed, it also reduces the need for forming air by up to 80%. Step by step, day by day!

The right lid fit for every shape.

Compatibility with function.

Things that should go together have to be well coordinated. Due to the special design of our thermoforming tools, a secure fit of the lid can be guaranteed even with varying film thicknesses of cups and bowls. The quality of the tool is reflected in the constancy of the production articles.

Systematic perforation.

The stable predetermined seperating point.

Packaging with special functions often requires that certain something extra. A perforation in the right place enables you to use tamper evidence. Or multi-portion containers for individual use and consumption.

With our patented 3D perforation technology, you form consistant and stable products for further downstream processing. In this way, products can be offered with added value.

Maximum profitability.

For competitive products.

Number of cycles, quality, material consumption up to the ""total cost of ownership"". Profitability can only be maximized if all requirements are optimally met. To get the maximum output from your system, you need the highest speeds. But also a solid technology, which allows the safe operation of the tools for years and decades and still produces products with the highest quality. The consistent focus on these requirements make Marbach tools an economically sensible investment. For over half a century!

Perfect Stacking Components.

Safe handling without deformation.

The more complicated the products are, the more important the exact positioning and reliable function of a stacking system is. Our stacking components, which  are precisely tailored to the tool and the article, allow all cavities to be transferred quickly and safely. Even with highly complicated products.

Optimized sealability.

For optimized processing on the fastest filling systems.

In order to be able to safely seal cups and bowls after filling, the sealing edge of each individual cup must exactly meet the specifications. Compliance with tight tolerances in the setting up of the seal edge and the seal edge thickness is essential for fast and effective sealing.

Marbach tools are characterized by a technology tailored to these requirements. We select the most suitable materials and optimize the cooling and geometry of the clamp rings for an optimized molding process and the fastest possible cooling.

Format parts and clamp ring crowns that can be exchanged with quick-release systems allow individual adjustments to product shapes and sheet thicknesses. For tools with better performance!

test tools.

Efficient development and testing - Marbach 1up test tools.

If necessary, our experienced designers will support you in developing and testing your products. We can validate your ideas and produce prototypes for you on our test machines in our technical center. For new products, we develop individually adapted solutions according to your requirements.

We can test different materials for you, verify shrinkage values and produce pilot tools and test quantities for further processing. Benefit from over half a century of experience in thermoforming!

Product measurement and quality assurance.

Measure, validate, react.

We ensure compliance with the product requirements by measuring and validating the products. We determine the dimensional compliance of the functional dimensions in mechanical processes or by means of 3D scanning systems.

For statistical analysis, we can evaluate test series from your production, determine process settings and shrinkage values and thus optimize the production process together with your experts.

Reliable hole punching.

Safe waste disposal.

Various products require side and / or bottom venting. Just as important as reliable punching is the safe disposal of punching waste in unsupervised 24/7 production facilities. Marbach tools are specially designed for these requirements and thus allow safe operation of your tool investment. Layer after layer, day after day.

Reliable trim.

Outstanding tool life.

Thanks to precise tool guidance, high-precision cut parts and a stable tool build-up, Marbach tools achieve above-average service lives. These enable longer production cycles with the best cutting quality and reduce the costs for maintenance and spare parts procurement.

Optimized for further processing.

Re-turned u-rim contours for cups and bowls.

In order to ensure the subsequent flanging at maximum speed, all edges must be equally well formed. Marbach tool technologies allow article-specific optimal results to be achieved.

The patented R-RIM process is used with great success on fruit and meat trays made of PET and protects the individual cover film from unintentional tearing.

Process monitoring, process optimization, quality assurance.

Connect|M - the professional digitization system from Marbach.

For setting and monitoring your processes. Sensors in the thermoforming tool record relevant data and compare it with the most effective setpoints.

This gives you an overview of what and how your systems are producing at any time (and from any location). The system monitors productivity for you, and documents the quality of the manufactured products. This enables the parameters to be adjusted in real time and thus saves money and time for complex downstream quality checks. This enables them to document 100% quality assurance and traceability for their customers. Individually adjustable threshold values ​​trigger a function chain when exceeded, and your experts can make targeted adjustments. Upon request, all parameters can also be shared with tool and machine experts, thus enabling professional assistance with the highest level of efficiency.

Using various key figures and visualized graphs, you can quickly track down deviations and analyze them in a targeted manner. This gives you important competitive advantages ... and permanently satisfied customers!

Connect|M: For the best performance of your processes!

Precise position and clean cut.

The patented cut-in-place technology from Marbach.

For functional purposes, it is often necessary to place a punch with a particularly precise fit. The specific shrinkage properties of plastics often make this impossible in downstream cutting equipment.

Marbach has therefore developed the CIP system for steel rule equipment. This can be precisely positioned in the forming process. The punching slugs are cut together with the outer trim.

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