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For embossing-dies

Embossing Register System IV (PES IV)

The PES IV is a new system for the quick and easy set-up of embossing plates on embossing-dies. With this new system, you can save time when setting-up the embossing-dies and thus reduce machine downtimes.

In order that the printed image must match the embossing, the embossing plates must be set-up in such a way that the embossing or debossing is exactly in the right position. In order to simplify the positioning of the individual female embossing dies to the printed image, there is the embossing register system IV. It is ideally suited for use with embossing-dies. Custom-made steel pins ensure that each individual female embossing die can be adjusted very precisely to the printed image.

The embossing register system IV is characterized by its very simple handling. It only needs to be purchased once and can be used universally. This means that it very quickly pays for itself. Of course, the embossing-dies must be specially prepared in advance in order to use the embossing register system.

  • set-up time reduction
  • simple handling
  • universally usable
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