As a family owned business we take responsibility for the coming generations. Sustainability has shaped our corporate philosophy. For many years.

Certified sustainability activities.

Awarded with the EcoVadis silver medal.

EcoVadis is an independent, globally active provider of sustainability assessments for companies. EcoVadis conducts comprehensive audits in the areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. We underwent the EcoVadis audit and passed with flying colors: The silver medal we achieved exceeded our expectations. This award reflects our commitment to responsible business activities – in terms of environmental protection, economic efficiency and social responsibility.

Our sustainability activities.

The environmentally-friendly ones. The social and the economic ones.

We contribute actively to the protection of our environment. And further programmes such as solar power. With photovoltaics. Today our activities are documented in a sustainability report. Not just the environmentally-friendly activities. Also the social ones. And economic ones. The sustainability report is a vital part of our corporate strategy. With the sustainability report providing the guidelines.

We remain at the forefront.

The MARBACH values.

With specific sustainability activities we remain at the forefront. Reorientating ourselves time and again. Reviewing our values. Adjusting them. And improving. For your benefit. And for the benefit of generations to come. Acting to extend and further environmental sustainability is a core value for the Marbach Group. And the very personal concern of Peter Marbach.



The Code of Conduct comprises our principles of behavior and forms the basis for our business activities. It is a binding guideline and defines our standard for lawful and responsible conduct. It describes our behavior towards business partners and the public, but also with regard to our internal dealings with each other. Our Code of Conduct is firmly anchored in our corporate culture and applies to all our sites worldwide.


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