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Rotary tools

MR|easy rotary die cutting


You have high demands. Very high. You need a tool that allows top speeds. That is easy to use and produces low vibration. Yet highest precision. That distinguishes itself with optimal temperature distribution. A long tool life span. And a clean cut.

We have the perfect tool for you: the Marbach development MR|easy. With precise cutting parts made of PM steel. This tool corrects its temperature profile automatically. Leads to a constant cutting gap. Over the whole tool. Throughout the entire cycle. And to a short start-up phase. Without pre-heating.

A balanced temperature level is essential for cutting tools. Normally, heat is led away through an external cooling system from the bearings. This involves risks and is expensive. Our MR|easy tool maintains a constant temperature. On its own. With a system for effective temperature compensation in place. Integrated into the tool. This ensures a wide process window. And protects the knives. The system reacts fast. For a simple start-up of your system. Also with cold tools. MR|easy. For tools with maximum tool life span.

MR|easy is characterized by its excellent product quality. Minimal tolerances. Optimal temperature control. And easy handling. You want even more efficiency? Use MR|easy combined with our marbaclick system.

With MR|easy and marbaclick you save time. Avoid rejects. And count on a tool with a long life span. For highest efficiency..

  • very high machine speeds
  • minimal tolerances
  • reduced setup time
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