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minimal set-up times

mpower|+ with magic sheet.


Diecutting without patching. Every press operator's dream. With the mpower|+ technology it is almost a dream come true. You can save up to 90% of your set up time with mpower|+. It is worth it. What is the secret behind this Marbach technology? At its heart is the special cutting rule, with its rounded edge, delivering perfect cutting results. At the same time it is very robust. In addition there is a specially developed laser-cutting process. A special knifing technique. Special rubbering. And the magic sheet. An extraordinary make-ready sheet. So you can start with production right away. No lengthy patching. We will give you the calculated starting tonnage and expected cutting pressure. This avoids slowly approaching the optimal cutting pressure. Saving you a lot of time. And money. mpower|+ cannot offset all unevenness in the die cutting presses. But also here we have a solution: with digital zone levelling you can prepare your machine perfectly for the die-cutting process. For even more performance.

  • minimal set-up times
  • low costs
  • highest flexibility
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