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hygienic cutting-die

marbaclean cutting-die

The hygienic one. 

marbaclean is a cutting die that provides product security and hygiene. Packaging migration has been a big topic for years. Up until now everyone has concentrated on the packaging materials regarding hygiene. And the end product. But what about the tools that make the packaging? This is also an integrated part of the manufacturing process. The tools come into direct contact with packaging. And could cause contamination. Product safety plays a big part in all sectors. Especially in direct packaging for the food industry. marbaclean. Even for highest hygiene requirements.

marbaclean is ISEGA certified. And equipped with special safeguards and materials for the food industry. From the dieboard. To the rubber. Additionally, a fastening technology and special assembly methods secure any components installed in a tool.

  • hygienic packaging
  • high product security
  • ISEGA certified
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