From a 3-person business to a world leader.

Like a gripping novel. That is what the history of the Marbach Group is like. 


The economy is bad.

Despite this, Karl Marbach Senior dares to start a business. The main product at the beginning: cutting knives for the shoe industry. Then an acquaintance inquires whether Marbach could also supply tools for die-cutting of letters. Not yet. But from then on Karl Marbach immerses himself in steel-rule technology. And he is successful. The new customer base is from the paper processing and advertising material industry.

World War II.

The company building is partially destroyed.

Marbach is starting over again. Exhibiting extreme endurance, the firm is rebuilt. Karl Marbach Junior joins the company. Marbach continues to grow steadily. In 1960, Marbach adds to its portfolio of products: the first thermoforming tool. A new field of business emerges: Marbach tool manufacturing (Werkzeugbau). 

A revolutionary decision:

»cutting with light«.

Karl Marbach hears about “cutting with light” for the first time in 1968. The idea grows. In 1972: The first CO2 laser unit for cutting-die production in Europe is installed in Heilbronn. Laser technology becomes a major part of the Marbach Group’s success.

Usage of the Laser technology.

A revolution in die-making technology.

This new quality, that Marbach can produce with the help of laser technology, is unique to the market. Marbach utilizes this to win new clients. Also beyond Germany's borders. 1977 the first big fair as an exhibitor. drupa in Düsseldorf. Outstandingly successful. More and more international clients order cutting-dies »made by Marbach«.


Globalization beginns.

In order to meet the increasing demand from abroad Marbach decides to expand. The first branch abroad is established. In the coming years its worldwide presence grows. Step by step.

1988: The third GENERATION

Peter Marbach.

Peter Marbach joins the company as the third generation. And brings a fresh breeze to the strategic orientation. Marbach invests in its own die-cutting machine in the early 1990s. And analyzes the die-cutting process thoroughly. From now on, not only samples for customers are diecut. But the entire industry is trained by Marbach. Even more than that: it results in numerous innovations. Many of which are industry standards today. Marbach also invests in a sampling machine for the thermoforming branch. For the safety of the customers. For optimal processes. And for the best performance. 

THE 90s.


The business unit rotary tools for tobacco packaging is developed. Then an unusual strategic decision in the late 1990s: An interesting conclusion. The sale of Marbach machines. Not only to Marbach Group companies. But to the general market as well. The result is the Marbach Automation branch. Marbach starts to sell materials simultaneously. Under the name of Marbach Die Supplies, customers as well as packaging manufacturers worldwide are supplied with materials.

The following decades.

characterized by worldwide growth.

In Eastern Europe. Russia. In the United States of America. Southamerica. Mexico. In Southeast Asia. China. And by the increasing collaboration with partners around the globe.

Marbach expands its portfolio with embossing-dies in 2000. This makes Marbach one of the few companies that can provide die-cutting tools and embossing-dies from one source. In 2008 the new headquarters building is completed in Heilbronn. New factories at our subsidiaries around the world follow. Optimizing processes. And minimizing energy consumption.

A unique success story.


Over twenty locations. With numerous partnerships. Around the world. The Marbach Group. With over 1,500 employees. More than 10% of which are apprentices and trainees. All of them stand for: best performance. Yesterday. Today. And in the future.

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