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  • The basis for our decision for the universal sheet delivery was its user-friendly handling as well as short make-ready times. In practical application we noticed that we could also increase the speed of the machine. [...] We think the universal sheet delivery is a great solution for full-sheet delivery. Many thanks to Marbach for this work simplification.

    Winfried Reichle

    Production Manager Finishing at Bromberger

  • I am extremely pleased with the installation of our BOBST machines. I am extremely happy with the productivity of the die-cutter and the strong support provided from Marbach is crucial in maintaining smooth operations and relative ease to the make-ready processes. I was not only impressed with what I saw but I am a firm believer that the partnership between Bobst and Marbach will open doors to exciting new opportunities. We have been working very closely with these two key stakeholders that have continuously assisted us in making improvements in terms of productivity. Bobst and Marbach have given us a lot of confidence to have a long term mutual beneficial relationship.

    Kugan Ratha Kerisnan

    plant manager | Interpress printers (Malaysia)

  • My experiences with rotary tools from Marbach have been very good. I recommend everyone to place their trust in Marbach quality. Because I see a significant difference in Marbach compared to other manufacturers of rotary tools. We have significantly better performance with regard to cutting capacity and tool life span since we began using Marbach tools. Finally we have on average a 1.5-fold to double run-time with Marbach tools compared to other rotary tools.

    Robert Asciak

    production manager | APT, Vietnam

  • Setting up hotfoil clichés is very time-consuming. That’s why years ago we were already looking for a solution that reduced this time and effort and improved our efficiency in production. After a long search we became aware of the Marbach thinplate system. [...] With the latest version of this system, we shorten the make-ready time of hotfoil jobs to a minimum.

    Mikko Pihkanen

    Product Designer | Tako Carton Plant Ltd. (Finland)

  • Overall Duramar Performance dies have given us very good results in the production line. With its stability we can maintain the minimum tolerance of 0.1mm required by our customers. At the same time they bring high efficiency as they can last up to 4 million impressions without re-knifing. Also it has very long lifetime, the average re-knife of this type of die is 4 to 6 times approximately.

    Carla Reynoso Awad

    New Products Development | Cartograf Group

  • We have tested the universal sheet delivery intensively and are enthusiastic about this new Marbach system. Everything has worked wonderfully. The set-up was quick and easy, the running characteristics of the die-cutting machine were very good and there were no production stops. Especially the easy handling, the reduced set-up times and the excellent productivity has fully convinced us.

    Eugen Schneider

    Department Manager at Westrock's Multi Packaging Solutions in Obersulm, Germany

  • "We have ordered this system over and over. Using this new split anvil system from Marbach we have had outstanding results. Not only have we been able to significantly reduce make-ready times, but the stability of the die-cutting process and the repeatability we have found this system to possess is unbelievable! Marbach has done a really great job with this. Thank you very much for this great new tool technology."

    Tom McCoy

    Director of Bindery Services at Unimac Graphics, USA

  • The efficiency of Marbach MT|easy speed tools is significantly greater than the tools of Marbach competitors which we have used up to now. We can report a performance increase of more than 10% in comparison.

    Stathis Ioannis

    Production manager of thermoforming | Thrace Group, Greece

  • We order all our tools from Marbach because we simply get the best results with Marbach technologies. If we consider the increase in productivity and the time saved in setting up the tools, the Marbach tools offer us by far the best price-performance ratio.

    Werner Kenkel

  • We recently used a cigarette cutting-die with 27 ups. The small pieces of waste between the flaps could not be stripped safely with conventional stripping tools. Marbach recommended to us its new bottom pin unit with high precision lower pins. We were and are very pleased with this tool. The lower pins were very precise and optimally positioned. Pin readjustment inside the machine was unnecessary. The waste could be separated safely from the sheet and transported away through the lower tool. Not only did we achieve 100% waste-free operation on this very demanding job, but we were also able to run at high speeds. Generally, the stripping process was very stable.

    Rubén Valido

    Specials process and Gluing Supervisor at Establecimento Grafico Impresores

  • We have a 10% higher productivity with the Marbach tools, compared to other tool manufacturers. Our process is more stable, and we save energy costs through the highly efficient mould cooling.

    Yusuf Turan

    Owner| Turan Plastik

  • We are fully satisfied with the quality, delivery time and technical support from Marbach. For important projects Marbach is our 100% reliable supplier. They have supported us with tooling for complex jobs, such as solid fiber compact boards, and we have had very good results, even improving the performance of the machine.

    Juan Manuel Bethancourt Bravo

    chief engineer of the department folding boxes | Gondi, Mexico

  • Recently we completed an embossing order for one of our customers with reverse cutting on corrugated board. This order placed high demands on the tool package. But even these requirements were mastered perfectly and without problems. Our customer was very satisfied with the result.

    Werner Kenkel

  • We not only have advantages with regard to productivity but also concerning the quality of the end product. With MT|easy speed the material distribution is exceptionally good. So the wall thickness of the thermoformed products is very consistent. For this reason the quality of our final products has been significantly improved.

    Stathis Ioannis

    Production manager of thermoforming | Thrace Group, Greece

  • We are absolutely satisfied. Not only with the tools, but also with the service. Marbach is always fast and friendly. The contact persons – from sellers to technicians – are competent and always helpful.

    Robert Asciak

    production manager | APT, Vietnam

  • We have now been using this [thinplate system] for more than two years. [...] Arranging the clichés to the print image is normally unnecessary for repeat jobs, because the clichés can be archived on the thinplate during the first make-ready. An unbeatable advantage. On a 10-ups tool for example, we can sometimes save 8 hours. Thus a whole shift.

    Mikko Pihkanen

    Product Designer | Tako Carton Plant Ltd. (Finland)

  • By using the Marbach lower pin unit the productivity of our machine increased by 20 %. And the best thing is: in the case of a repeat job we do not have to set all the lower pins again, but can simply use the existing bottom pin unit and start the production of the job immediately. We will definitely order further Marbach bottom pin units. Thank you Marbach for a great solution.

    Rubén Valido

    Specials process and Gluing Supervisor at Establecimento Grafico Impresores

  • Since ordering our tooling from Marbach, the reliability, quality and service we are now able to offer our Customers is measurable. Their expertise in complicated tooling and advise is invaluable.

    Yvette Roberts

    CEO | Proprint

  • Appreciating the high Die cut quality of Marbach in addition to efficient trainings. Through Marbach´s support, we have been able to become the leading supplier in the Lebanese packaging market. Thanks to Marbach for the great partnership.

    Ziad Metni

    CEO | Byblosprinting Libanon

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