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    I am extremely pleased with the installation of our BOBST machines. I am extremely happy with the productivity of the die-cutter and the strong support provided from Marbach is crucial in maintaining smooth operations and relative ease to the make-ready processes. I was not only impressed with what I saw but I am a firm believer that the partnership between Bobst and Marbach will open doors to exciting new opportunities. We have been working very closely with these two key stakeholders that have continuously assisted us in making improvements in terms of productivity. Bobst and Marbach have given us a lot of confidence to have a long term mutual beneficial relationship.


    Kugan Ratha Kerisnan

    plant manager | Interpress printers (Malaysia)

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    Overall Duramar Performance dies have given us very good results in the production line. With its stability we can maintain the minimum tolerance of 0.1mm required by our customers. At the same time they bring high efficiency as they can last up to 4 million impressions without re-knifing. Also it has very long lifetime, the average re-knife of this type of die is 4 to 6 times approximately.


    Carla Reynoso Awad

    New Products Development | Cartograf Group