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special technology

Crease plate die.


A perfect carton should have perfect folding mechanisms. Creasing rule is used to make a carton fold. Flawlessly. But creasing rule sometimes reaches its limits. Usually when absolute accuracy or many creases next to each other are needed. Therefore we provide you with Marbach crease plate dies. The creasing doesn't happen with creasing rule. But with highly precise creasing plates. CNC-machined. With an elastic base. And creasing edges protruding over the cutting rule. This leads to first creasing. Then cutting. This means less tension on the paperboard sheet during the cutting process. For superior looking cutting edges. Small nicks. Highest accuracy. For perfect creases when the requirements are extremely high. Even at the smallest crease distances, extraordinary creasing results are guaranteed. And best of all: your diecut blanks are prepared optimally. For fast processing in the packing machine. Perfect creases. With the Marbach crease plate die.

  • optimal creasing results
  • freely defined creasing geometries
  • for smallest creasing distances
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