Match-Metal & SR-Technology. Two technologies. One result.

Thermoforming in perfection. With the right tools. Either with match-metal technology. Or steel rule (SR) technology. We offer you both options. So we will have the right solution for every application.

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Marbach manufactures them. The best thermoforming tools. For yoghurt cups. For food trays. For lids. We were the pioneers. Involved from the start. A toolmaker of world class. We still bear this title today. Justified. And proud. It takes a lot to remain at the top over the years. A strategy. Passion. Effort. It requires leadership. Role models. And a strong team. But most of all it requires one thing: the drive to be even better tomorrow. This redefines the new. New tools. And new technologies. With one goal only: to fulfill your requirements to perfection. For your success. This is what Marbach stands for.

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