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Machine upgades

Calibration tool.

The coordinated one.

With the Calibration tool, you can calibrate your die-cutting machines. This ensures a perfect interaction of individual stations of the die-cutting machine including all upper and lower tools. For maximum performance in packaging production.

The calibration tool is used for evaluation and basic die-cutting machine settings. The result of a calibration of a die-cutting machine is the perfect register of all stations and tool components to each other. As a result, make-ready times for each individual job are significantly reduced. This is why the calibration tool very soon pays for itself. Benefit from increased process reliability in the die cutting process, obviously shorter make-ready times and very high quality in your produced packaging.

Another advantage: if all die-cutting machines in a company are set up with the calibration tool package, this same production tool package can be used on different machines without any problems ensuring short make-ready times. In this way capacities can be planned very flexibly. 

Calibrating a die-cutting machine is recommended for regular routine maintenance. It is also advisable to recalibrate the die-cutting machine when essential machine parts have been changed or after a machine crash.    

  • shortened set-up times
  • increased process reliability
  • flexible capacity planning
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