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Special tools.

Rotary tools with active stripping technology.

In the field of rotary corrugated board, more and more is being invested in die-cutting machines which use tools with active stripping technology. For this reason, Marbach has developed special optimized tools designed for use on these rotary machines. They have an integrated self-stripping system in which waste is stripped using ejector pins. This means that conventional tools do not meet the requirements and special rotary cutting-dies have to be used. These tools are complex to manufacture and must be of the highest precision.

The advantages of the Marbach tools are waste-free blanks. And that these rotary machines run at very high speeds with the tools. For maximum performance in rotary die-cutting.

Another advantage of the new technology: die-cutting, folding and gluing are carried out in a single operation. Therefore the productivity of these rotary machines, in combination with the Marbach tool technology, is very high.

  • waste-free blanks
  • very high speeds
  • high productivity
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