Cup production by thermoforming.

Cups are available in numerous different versions and designs. OEM drinking cups, portion cups, dairy cups, to-go cups, coffee capsules and many more. The requirements for cups are as varied as the cup types: They should look good, be functional, process in the printing press, as well run smoothly through the packaging system and filling system.

There are many different challenges in thermoforming cups. Depending on the type of cup, properties such as a crystal-clear appearance must be observed, as well as cost-effectiveness in production. In addition, cups should of course also have a good seal and a perfect lid fit.

For storage and transport, a minimum stacking height of the article tolerances is also crucial. With our in-depth knowledge of processes and technology, acquired through decades of experience in the manufacture of thermoforming tools, we work with you to solve your individual challenges. For maximum performance in the manufacture of your cups.

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