Flat die-cutting of paperboard. Highest performance.

Flat cutting-dies for die-cutting of packaging. As individual as the requirements for your packaging. The cutting-dies, stripping tools and blanking tools are equipped with exactly those technologies that help you to produce with the best performance. For flat die-cutting of paperboard. Folding cartons for the food industry, cosmetics packaging, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes and much more. 

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flat die-cutting


Flat cuttig-dies. For paperboard folding boxes.

Not every packaging is the same. And not every cutting-die is the same. The dieboard varies depending on the requirements. The knifing. And the rubbering. Various special technologies are used. Adapted to the application. Food. Pharmaceuticals. Or cigarette. Cosmetics. And much more. There are different demands on the stripping tool. And the blanking. 

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