die-cutting technology
23. June 2022

Marbach rotary solutions for corrugated board. Productive special tools for machines with active stripping technology.

We produce special tools for corrugated board rotary machines with active stripping technology. Such machines are gaining ground in various countries. 

Rotary machines with active stripping technology employ a different technology than conventional rotary machines. They have an integrated self-stripping system where mechanical ejectors are used to strip the waste. This requires special tools that differ significantly from conventional rotary tools in terms of their equipment. But that's not all: for a smooth production process, they also have to be extremely precise. 

Ralf Nuyken, industry manager corrugated board at Marbach: "We have developed our own equipment line to meet the challenges that such a machine places on the tool. This enables our customers not only to achieve maximum productivity on their machines with active stripping technology, but also waste-free blanks."

The Marbach special tools are suitable for all rotary machines with active stripping technology.

More information about maximum efficiency in rotary die-cutting of corrugated board can be found in our new whitepaper:  


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