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die-cutting technology
10. May 2024

Automation machines in the production of cutting-dies. Marbach as a pioneer in cutting-die technology.

We are not only known for our innovative tool solutions and our extensive range of services, but also for our unusually high degree of automation. And not without reason. For decades, we have been developing machines for our own production, such as laser systems, milling machines, and waterjet cutting systems. 2002 was the start of a new era at Marbach. This was the year that the first setting machine for cutting-die production was made. Today, it is impossible to imagine our production without these setting machines. The latest setting machine, the mset|multi+, has been in use at several locations for more than 4 years. It is a true all-rounder and stands for maximum productivity and quality in cutting-die production.

The importance of automation in die-cutting technology
In the production of cutting-dies, many processes are characterized by a very high proportion of manual work – even in today’s world. But not at Marbach. What advantages does this have for you? Consistently high and controlled quality - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Another important aspect is the increasing shortage of skilled workers. We are an attractive employer thanks to our market position as a global market leader and our numerous benefits for employees. And yet it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract perfectly qualified employees for diemaking. The use of machines to automate production processes is making this difficult situation much easier.  

Started with machine development 30 years ago
Marbach developer Robin Guggolz: “As a global market leader, we have been developing our own machines for more than three decades. All our machines have one advantage in common: they are perfectly tailored to our needs and ensure maximum productivity in diemaking. This benefits the entire Marbach Group at its worldwide locations and, of course, our customers through high tool quality as well as fast and reliable delivery.”

Marbach is an absolute pioneer when it comes to machines for the automation of cutting-die production. We installed the first setting machine for cutting-die production, the marbaset, more than 20 years ago. This ensured that stripping claws were inserted into stripping tools in a fully automated process. At the time, this was an absolute novelty in the cutting-die industry. Over the years, we have continuously developed our machines, adding more and more functionalities to the process chain. Today, there are not only machines for the automated setting of rule materials but also for rubber. 

Latest setting machine mset|multi+ with numerous function
The latest generation of Marbach machines, the mset|multi+, is multifunctional. It inserts creasing, cutting, and perforation rules, various stripping elements, and crown pins fully automatically into dieboards. But that's not all: it is fully enclosed and the loading of the required materials is also fully automated. 

The Marbach Group now has 14 setting machines of different generations in operation, which provide support in cutting-die production. For you, this means shorter delivery times, high supply reliability, and optimum tool quality.

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