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Corrugated board packaging.

We offer you a wide range of possibilities for the production of corrugated board packaging. Whether flat cutting-die or stripping tool. Or rotary cutting-die. And devices for platen cleaning. We have the right solution for each of your requirements. 

Learn more about your advantages when using Marbach tools and our latest innovations. Our animations show you how our technologies work. 

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Corrugated board highlight products.

Your performance is important to us. Therefore it is our aim to always offer you the latest solutions for your requirements. We have some highlight products for you in the area of corrugated board packaging. 

Pure edge Technology.

For beautiful visible edges of corrugated packaging.

Attractive packaging made out of corrugated board. With flawless visible edges. That is what you get with the Marbach pure edge technology. For optimal compression of the corrugated board. Perfect cutting, no dust or angel hair and less wear and tear. This means more consistent results over an incredibly long period of time. Your benefit: no waste. And no production stops because of worn-out parts. 


Learn more about pure edge here. 

Height-Adjustable Anvil.

Set-up time reduction for Reverse cutting.

With our height-adjustable anvil you can now save make-ready time and achieve more consistent results when reverse cutting. This Marbach technology uses an aluminum block that is milled to shape. Foils are positioned underneath the anvil. The anvil can be adjusted in its height very quickly and easily through the removal or addition of these foils.


> Learn more about this technology here. 


High-Performance Rotary Tool.

The peformance tool marbaspeed|r stands for highest efficiency when producing corrugated packaging. marbaspeed|r is equipped with the specialized high performance long life rubber marbaject with optimal technical characteristics for superior functionality. Your advantage: highspeed production.


Read more about marbaspeed|r here.

Rotary tools with active stripping technology.

For Special Applications. 

In the field of rotary corrugated board, more and more is being invested in die-cutting machines which use tools with active stripping technology. For this reason, Marbach has developed special optimized tools designed for use on these rotary machines. They have an integrated self-stripping system in which waste is stripped using ejector pins. 


> More information about this rotary cutting-dies can be found here. 

COMING SOON: DZL|Plate for corrugated Board machines.


The die cutting machine is subject to wear-related deviations. This is not unusual. But for you this means, that with every job, you have to do a labor intensive zone make-ready. Marbach has the optimal solution for you. Digital zone levelling. Soon also available for corrugated board machines.  

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Corrugated technologies.

In the production of corrugated board packaging, high performance and fast machine speeds are essential. Marbach offers you the tools you need for great results. No matter if flat or rotary cutting-dies or stripping tools. Here you can find our products for the production of corrugated board packaging.


  • Recently we completed an embossing order for one of our customers with reverse cutting on corrugated board. This order placed high demands on the tool package. But even these requirements were mastered perfectly and without problems. Our customer was very satisfied with the result.

    Werner Kenkel

  • We order all our tools from Marbach because we simply get the best results with Marbach technologies. If we consider the increase in productivity and the time saved in setting up the tools, the Marbach tools offer us by far the best price-performance ratio.

    Werner Kenkel

Corrugated animations.

Find all our corrugated board tool Animations on our YouTube Channel. 




Technology pure edge 


Rotary high-performance tool marbaspeed|r


Elevated drink box

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Corrugated board Trainings. Marbach Academy.

 Under the motto "More knowledge. More skills." we share our experience. To help you to aim for maximum performance in the production of your packaging. With tips and tricks that can be put into practice immediately. And to optimize your die-cutting process. To work efficiently and productively. To reduce costs. And to produce great corrugated board packaging for success at the point of sale.


 In our compact course "die-cutting & Refining corrugated board", participants receive a very practical training session on the subject of die-cutting and refining corrugated board. In the practical training, the participants independently set up a complete order including embossing and reverse cutting under the guidance of the trainer.

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We also offer free Web Sessions on all kinds of topics around die-cutting. 

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Corrugated board tool News.


Marbach cutting-dies for corrugated board rotary machines. Special dies with active stripping technology are gaining ground.

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Marbach mhard|r+. A new era in rotary cutting rules.

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Marbach technology pure edge. Beauty and efficiency.

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Focus on digitalization. Marbach uses more and more visual media for customer service.

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Elegant opening mechanisms in perfection. Customer enthusiastic about new Marbach technology.

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Marbach platen cleaning device mplaten|cleaner. For efficient die-cutting processes.

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