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die-cutting technology Service
7. September 2020

Focus on digitalization. Marbach uses more and more visual media for customer service.

Marbach is working at full speed on various digitalization and Industry 4.0 projects. 

Marbach Marketing Manager Tina Dost: "We have been intensively involved with the subject of digitalization even before the Corona crisis began. However, up to that point we had concentrated more on production processes and products. But because of the Corona crisis digitally-based customer support has become even more important. The need to drastically reduce travel has led us to look for new ways to provide our customers with the best possible support.

The result: customer service has changed considerably, has become more comprehensive, more flexible and much faster. Sales and advisory discussions take place across digital media, across countries, languages and time zones.

Dost continues: "An application engineer can be in China in the morning, in France at noon and in Mexico in the evening. This kind of speed would not have been possible in the past. Travel time has now become consulting time. And the customer is the one who benefits. Because resources can be called upon as needed for optimal customer care. So consultation has become much more comprehensive than just a few months ago."

In order to be able to optimally meet these new requirements, Marbach has invested in equipment. This ensures interference-free transmission and even in noisy production environments - like in our own demo center directly at a die-cutting machine - problem-free digital communication with the customer is now possible. 

A further step at Marbach has been the implementation of web sessions for customers. Numerous Marbach Web Sessions have already been held worldwide and several hundred participants have been informed about solutions to ensure best performance in packaging production. The high number of participants reveals great interest in Marbach solutions. Further sessions have already been planned, and registrations are now possible via the Marbach homepage.

Further projects are currently in the pipeline. You may well be curious what the next digitalization steps at Marbach will be.

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