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platen cleaning device

mplaten|cleaner-smart - cleaning device

The mplaten|cleaner-smart is a cleaning device for die-cutting machines. With it, the platen of a die-cutting machine can be cleaned efficiently by the machine operator and the machine’s productivity increased. The universal "one-size-fits-all" device for paperboard and corrugated board machines with different platen opening dimensions, can be used for all common die-cutting machines. Due to its small size, it can be used even in the tightest spaces in the cutting platen of the machine.

The mplaten|cleaner-smart is characterized by easy handling and is less expensive to purchase than conventional systems. With this tool, dirt and rust is removed from the platen. Through cleaning unevenness is smoothed out and therefore the work needed for setting-up a tool is reduced significantly. The tonnage can then be reduced thus extending the tool life span. Moreover the die-cutting results are also positively affected through a clean platen. 

A purification process is not easy due to different machine factors. With our platen cleaning device, the upper and lower part of the platen can be cleaned with only one movement. The disassembly of the chain in the die-cutting machine is not necessary. The mplaten|cleaner-smart is designed in such a way that even difficult to access spots can be easily reached. Cleaning can be accomplished by the machine operator and takes – when carried out regularly – usually not longer than one hour. Depending on the condition of the machine, the first cleaning can naturally take some more time. It is however worth investing this time in maintaining the condition of the machine. Because this time and effort for cleaning pays off quickly through a positive impact on the make-ready times.

Marbach recommends cleaning the machinery every six months in order to maintain die-cutting machines in the best condition. One size fits all: the mplaten|cleaner-smart is a single universal device which is compatible with all common machine types. 

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  • simple handling
  • disassembly of the chain is not necessary
  • affordable price
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