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die-cutting technology MDSA
22. March 2024

The new high-performance ejector rubber from Marbach. For maximum performance in rotary die-cutting.

We have developed a new ejector rubber for our rotary cutting-dies. Our customers are convinced with its good technical properties, which ensure even more efficiency in the rotary production of corrugated board packaging. 

Ralf Nuyken, industry manager at Marbach: "Depending on the application, several rubbers with different properties are always used with the same tool. As we designed the marbaject rubber specifically for use in cutting-dies, we were able to perfectly match the technical properties of the different hardness grades during development. This ensures the best running performance in the die-cutting machine."

What makes the marbaject so special is its very high rebound elasticity. This ensures optimum ejector function during the die-cutting process. Its high abrasion and wear resistance makes it very durable. In addition, marbaject is ISEGA-certified and therefore is also suitable for use in the food sector. 

Nuyken continues: "In short, marbaject ensures maximum performance and maximum efficiency in packaging production."

More information about the high-performance rubber marbaject is available here.

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