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21. October 2020

The rubber for maximum die-cutting performance. flexpower from Marbach.

Marbach Die Supplies also offers rubbering materials for cutting-dies in its varied portfolio. One rubber with very special properties is flexpower.

André Angermeir, Sales Manager at Marbach: "flexpower is a very powerful rubber with many positive characteristics. Especially when used for corrugated board cutting-dies its strengths are revealed. This is because the rubber is permanently compressed by constant pressure load during the die-cutting process. Conventional rubbers therefore lose height with each application. Rubbers with skin, wear out over time. Our flexpower, on the other hand, is extremely stable. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for high demands."

flexpower is characterized by its high compression ability, its extremely fast rebound elasticity and its durability. The Marbach rubber is also tear-resistant with low abrasiveness. It is therefore, very durable. 

Due to its structure, flexpower can be compressed very strongly. Its fast rebound elasticity ensures a stable machine run when die-cutting flat corrugated board and, and additionally, fast and safe ejection of the waste during rotary die-cutting. flexpower cutting-dies therefore stand for excellent die-cutting results, high machine speeds, waste-free blanks and durability.

Angermeir continues: "Our customers report that by switching from conventional rubber to flexpower, the machine performance of rotary die-cutters and the elimination of waste from die-cut packaging has been significantly increased, even with the highest print runs."

flexpower is available in two different hardnesses "hard" and "soft" as well as in different heights and sizes.

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