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Thermoformed cups.

Flower pot.

Stable and robust. This is how the tools used to make flower pots should be. Since sheet with a high proportion of recycled materials are often used in this application, the tool is subject to particularly high requirements. The cutting forces are high and change frequently, some sheet materials are particularly abrasive and thus accelerate wear on the cut edges.

Our designers therefore pay attention to the highest stability of our thermoforming tools and use materials of the best quality.

Safe handling along the entire line.
Plugwork: In the best shape.
Reduced use of materials.
Systematic perforation.
Maximum profitability.
Perfect Stacking Components.
Test tools.
Reliable hole punching.
Reliable trim.
U-rim: Optimized for further processing.
Process monitoring, process optimization, quality assurance.

Product attributes Flower pot.

© GABLER Thermoform GmbH & Co. KG

Here you will find the matching technologies for the production of Flower pots. 

Our tilting tools offer you the best prerequisites for your thermoforming process of flower pots. MT|easy speed ensures high production speeds. Our sandwich technology stands for highly efficient cutting plates and the best cooling. The processing of powder metallurgical steel (PM) ensures a long service life, maximum performance, dimensional stability, dynamics and hardness. The 6-pillar guide allows the tightest tolerances to be used.

However, plug assist also has a significant influence on the thermoforming process. We have the right plug assist for your requirements. Mafox|P ensures that the plug can be changed quickly. The Mafox|2 quick-change system allows you to change the ejector bottom in seconds and with Mafox|F, clamp ring crowns can be optimally matched to the product to be manufactured. You control the pressure of the clamp force thorough the pressure-independent clamp rings in the thermoforming process. With our stacking systems, the formed flower pots can be reliably stacked in logs.

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