Materials & Equipment for die-making.

We offer you a wide range of materials and equipment for the production of cutting-dies, stripping or blanking tools. We have the right solution for each of your requirements. From A for aluminum hammer. M for matrix. R for rubber strips. To Z for zone levelling materials. Dieboards. Rubber. Rule. Components for strippers and blankers. And tools for the assembly of cutting dies. 

Learn more about your advantages when using Marbach materials and our latest innovations. Our videos show you how our technologies work. 

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Die-making highlights.

Your performance is important to us. Therefore it is our aim to always offer you the latest solutions for your requirements. We therefore have some highlights for you in the area of die-making.

NEW: mcut|multi.

The multifunctional device cuts rule materials.

The mcut|multi is an indispensable hand-held device for tool preparation. It combines the functionality of 3 devices in one: with it the user can cut rule materials to length, notch, and cut lips. It can also be used to cut double lips. This saves time because the rules do not have to be rotated and cut again. 

Learn more about the mcut|multi here. 



The mcut|matrix cuts creasing matrix. Fast, precise and safe. It is a flexible, ergonomic, very robust hand-device that is perfectly adapted to the conditions in production.

The infinitely variable gauge can be used for a wide range of creasing geometries. This not only ensures exact cutting results, but also maximum flexibility. For every requirement. The cutting knives can be changed quickly and easily if necessary.

Learn more about the mcut|matrix here. 



The mcut|round is a manual device for cutting defined radii at the end of creasing rules. This enables a clean creasing result from start to finish.

The mcut|round is multifunctional. Because with this not only two different radii of 3 and 5 mm can be cut. It can also process both flat and rotary creasing rules with rule thicknesses from 1.5 pt to 4 pt and rule heights between 12 and 30 mm.

Learn more about the mcut|round here. 

NEW: mbend bending device.

with more than 100 standard bending inserts.

The mbend is a manual bending device to optimize bending processes. This special manual device for bending steel rules is characterized by its easy handling, with high precision, flexibility and absolute durability. 

> Learn more about this new bending device here. 

new: Notching device mcut|notch.

For easy and fast notching with minimum effort.

The mcut|notch is a classic notching device. It has an ideal transmission ratio and an optimally positioned handle. For easy and fast notching with minimum effort. 

The lateral gauge of the mcut|notch enables a very high repeatability and absolute precision during notching. The mcut|notch can be optimally adjusted to the respective requirements by means of the infinitely variable depth adjustment. 

> Learn more about this new notching device here. 

Die-making machines & devices.

In the production of high-quality cutting-dies, precision and high performance are essential. Marbach Die supplies offers you the machines and equipment you need for great results. 

Die-making videos.

Find all our Videos on our YouTube Channel. 


Laser mlas|rot-linear


Waterjet cutting with the mjet|2. 

Diemaking News.


The basis for a safe stripping process. marbastrip claws from Marbach.

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Best performance in the stripping process. New precision lower pins from Marbach Die Supplies.

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New product from Marbach Die Supplies. mbend: The manual bending device to optimize bending processes.

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New hand-held device from Marbach. mcut|multi. The all-rounder for cutting-die preparation.

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Marbach platen cleaning device mplaten|cleaner. For efficient die-cutting processes.

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Marbach mhard|r+. A new era in rotary cutting rules.

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Rule materials from Marbach. The right solution for every requirement.

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Maximum variability when inserting waste nicks. With the marbanick|2+.

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The right solution for every requirement. Marbach extends its material portfolio.

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