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manual bending device



The mbend is a manual bending device to optimize bending processes. This special manual device for bending steel rules is characterized by its easy handling, with high precision, flexibility and absolute durability. 

The mbend is very solid and flexible. With it, fine 1.5 pt cutting rules are formed as perfectly as solid 4pt cutting rules. The lockable depth gauge with scale offers perfect orientation for the bending settings. 

Maximum flexibility is provided by its extensive equipment including bending inserts: More than 100 shapes are included in the standard, so that the user can individually assemble the required bending shapes according to the applications. Moreover, customer-specific geometries can be realized. For an exact bending of all requirements.

Thanks to its ideally selected lever length and its favorable transmission ratio, the bending process with the mbend requires a minimum of effort. In daily operation, this is a great advantage which distinguishes the Marbach handheld device and so reduces the work load of the production staff. The mbend is the ideal tool for precise, fast work.

The special surface coating prevents rust and makes the mbend very scratch-resistant. Due to its design it is resilient and durable. And its laterally in 3 directions adjustable gauge ensures optimum repeated accuracy when bending.

Precise bending. For highest repeat accuracy.

  • Flexibility: more than 100 standard bending inserts.
  • Footprint: low space requirement.
  • Special construction: little force is required for bending.
Technical details of the product
  • Size: 486mm x 379mm x 689mm (l x b x h)
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Rule thickness: 2-3 pt (optional up to 4pt)
  • Rule height: 8-30mm (optional up to 50mm)
  • Depth stop length: 250mm
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