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3. September 2020

The basis for a safe stripping process. marbastrip claws from Marbach.

For many years, Marbach Die Supplies has been selling the Marbach developed marbastrip claws. They are used in stripping tools for the dynamic stripping of waste. 

André Angermeir, Sales Manager of Marbach Die Supplies: "During dynamic stripping, specially manufactured stripping claws ensure that the waste is pressed through the female stripper in a controlled manner during the stripping process. Our marbastrip stripping claws form the basis for this. These have been millionfold tested and fulfil all important functional requirements. The original is only available from Marbach."

The advantages of marbastrip claws are manifold: They are suitable for stripping paperboard and corrugated board and can be placed very close together in the tool. They have a hardened, precisely grinded tip. Therefore they are very sharp and possess an impressively long life span. The quality of the claws is in large part responsible for the smooth functioning of dynamic stripping. Due to their design the marbastrip claws can be positioned very precisely. Their 90° bend ensures exact angled positioning of the claw tips as well as highest load capacity. The claws cannot tilt or slip during the production process. And they press exactly on the spot where they are needed for optimum stripping. The notching of the marbastrip claws leads to an optimal height positioning.

The original Marbach marbastrip claws form the basis for a fast and smooth stripping process.

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