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Thermoform tools - Steel-rule technology.

SR tools - SR|TEC


Close to 100 years of experience in producing cutting dies. With more than 50 years of manufacturing thermoforming tools. This is Marbach. With unique, concentrated expert knowledge. All transmitted into Marbach’s SR technology. And it pays off today. As your competitive advantage.

SR tools provide highest precision. Resulting in maximum success. The two essential advantages of Marbach’s SR technology: the Flexi-Tab-System. And the Marbach Silverline 23.8. With a free-flow holding system. Providing innovative competitive advantages. For convincing steel-rule products.

A whole new level of product quality. With the Flexi-Tab-System. The nick-tabs make the nicks on the product disappear. And they make your steelrule product flawless. Individually adapted. To your needs.

Experience that is unequalled. Marbach has perfected cutting dies. Since 1923. Year after year. This is why steel-rules by Marbach are the undisputed number one in the world today. You too can profit from this unrivalled cutting quality. With the Marbach Silverline 23.8. A Marbach standard. In every SR tool. 

  • no make-ready time needed
  • no visible nicks
  • optimal cutting quality
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