die-cutting technology
7. June 2022

Zone levelling made easy. DZL|plateXL from Marbach compensates for height differences in the cutting platen.

With our DZL|plateXL technology, we ensure efficient make-ready for large-format die-cutting machines. Once created and inserted into the die-cutting machine, the two-part protection plate of the DZL|plateXL permanently takes over the zone levelling of the machine.

Tolerances due to unevenness in the cutting platen are usually caused by wear and tear. These can have a massive influence on the quality and processing speed in corrugated board processing. Therefore, a job-specific zone levelling is necessary.

Marbach industry manager Ralf Nuyken: "This order-specific zone levelling has to be carried out for each individual order. Our digital solution for this challenge is called DZL|plateXL. This type of zone levelling does not have to be carried out for each individual order, but lasts for several months. This saves our customers time and money."

To ensure that all can benefit from digital zone levelling, the DZL|plate is not only available as an XL version for large-format machines with two-piece protection plates, but also for die-cutting machines with one-piece protection plates up to 7-format.

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