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16. August 2018

Rotary die-cutting of corrugated board. Marbach supplies suitable tool technology for Mitsubishi machines.

There are many rotary machines for die-cutting corrugated board. The machines of the Japanese machine manufacturer Mitsubishi are currently making inroads in Europe. These machines place completely new demands on the tool technology used. Marbach has met the challenge and developed tools specially designed for these machines. For maximum productivity in rotary die-cutting.

Mitsubishi machines employ a different technology than conventional rotary machines. They have an integrated self-ejecting system in which waste is stripped using ejector pins. However, this also means that conventional tools are unable to meet the requirements, so special rotary cutting-dies must be used. These tools are complex to manufacture and must be extremely precise.

Marbach developer Ingo Graham: "Over the last few months we have developed tools that are perfectly matched to the requirements of these special rotary machines. Customers who have already ordered the corresponding tools from us are very satisfied with them. They benefit from 100 % freedom from waste of their blanks as well as very high running speeds of their rotary machine. Die-cutting, folding and gluing are also carried out in a single operation. The productivity of this machine in combination with Marbach tool technology is therefore very high. For maximum performance in rotary die-cutting."

Marbach will continue to monitor market developments and will also in future offer the right solution for every requirement.

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