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17. October 2017

Refinement in perfection. With Marbach technologies.

Packaging refinement upgrades a product. Marbach knows this as well. And so offers its customers various refinement technologies for attractive packaging.

Marketing Manager Tina Dost: “There are many different possibilities to refine packaging and to upgrade them for the POS. De- and embossing in 2D or 3D, hotfoil, pure edge or reverse cutting. But there are also sophisticated creases, for example many creases close to each other, make something special out of packaging. We offer our customers the right solution for every requirement with our tools and technologies. For extraordinary packaging at the POS. That is not only a visual but also a haptic experience for the consumers.”

2D, 3D, de- and embossing
Embossings occur through the application of embossing clichés (male / female embossing plates). Paperboard material or corrugated board can be embossed with it as two- or multidimensional. In doing so there are two different possibilities: de- and embossing. An embossing is higher from the rest of the packaging, debossing is deepened compared to the material surface. Marbach is an expert for both kinds and supplies embossing dies as well as cutting-dies with integrated embossing clichés.

Refinement of luxury packaging
Refining luxury packaging places very high demands on the tool manufacturer. Whether cigarette packaging, whiskey or high-quality cosmetic packaging. Refining takes place with de- or embossing, hotfoil or through very close creases.

For hotfoil embossing, Marbach has special tools with the name marbafoil in use. For embossing with or without relief. When embossing without relief the foil is applicated onto the paperboard. When embossing with relief, the foil application is combined with an embossing. With a special laser machine, Marbach can also produce embossing clichés for finest detailed hotfoil results that provide a special eye-catcher at the point of sale.

The Marbach crease-plate-die stands for a special kind of refinement. In addition to the high process safety due to the innovative creasing technology, the crease-plate-die forms the basis of a creative packaging design with round-corner elements that were known first in cigarette packaging design. Today they are also used more and more in other areas of luxury packaging.

Elegant opening mechanisms
In the food industry a lot of packaging has opening mechanisms with various demands: it has to be possible that the packaging can be opened with one movement by the consumer, be reclosable and dust-tight. In order to achieve attractive and yet dust-tight packaging, that also has an elegant opening mechanism, the reverse cutting technology comes to the fore. With this technology, the paperboard is half-cut from both sides – from inside and outside. Therefore the paperboard stays intact and no dust can enter the packaging.

Moreover the paperboard surface is fully printable, so the unopened packaging may continue to have a very attractive visual effect. Depending on the packaging design quick and easy reclosing may also be possible.

Attractive visual edges for corrugated board packaging
An important quality criteria for corrugated board packaging is the condition of the visible edges. The pure edge technology that is patented by Marbach uses steel instead of the common functional rubber. It is wear-free and therefore provides permanently good results. The visible edges of corrugated-board packaging can be cut perfectly due to special tool construction, nicks can also be scaled down. So no angel hair and almost no die-cutting dust emerge during the die-cutting process. Where up to now unclean edges could occur, there is a clear layout of the packaging edge. Through this the packed product is optimally presented at the point of sale.

Packaging refinement is a major trend. Marbach offers with its technologies various possibilities for individual and unusual packaging solutions for every requirement.

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