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die-cutting technology MDSA
24. November 2021

Reduced knife set-up times and optimum die-cutting pressure conditions. With digital zone levelling for folding carton and corrugated board applications.

One machine upgrade, popular with Marbach customers, is the digital zone levelling DZL|plate. This protection plate is individually provided with a printed height profile and so can be adapted to the respective conditions of the die-cutting machine. The DZL|plate thus takes over the zone levelling of the machine, which reduces the make-ready times of the rules for each individual job. 

Bernhard Reisser, Industry Manager for the folding carton industry at Marbach: "For several years, the digital zone levelling DZL|plate has been successfully established on the market by us. And since this year, we also offer a second version, the DZL|plateXL. With its two-part protective plate, this has been developed explicitly for large-format corrugated die-cutting machines." 

Digital zone levelling compensates for height differences in the die-cutting platen area – with a maximum height compensation potential of up to 0.15 mm. In this way, it not only ensures optimum pressure conditions during die-cutting, but also reduces knife set-up times.

Reisser continues: "Our customers are enthusiastic about this technology and confirm a cutting pressure reduction of 15-30% as well as a make-ready time saving of well over 30% per job. Many of our customers have now equipped their entire machine park with digital zone levelling and have, as a result, become significantly more efficient in finishing of their orders. Especially in these fast-moving times, this important increase in performance means a clear competitive advantage for our customers."

Digital zone levelling pays for itself quickly through its longevity and usually pays for itself within a few months. Anyone interested can find an amortization calculator on the Marbach website at: https://www.marbach.com/en/products/digital-zone-levelling 


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