2. December 2020

Optimal use of your blanking station. With solutions from Marbach.

Marbach offers a wide range of tooling technologies for optimal use of blanking stations of die-cutting machines. These can be selected individually according to customer requirements and technical necessity.

Automated blanking is the latest trend. Compared to manual blanking, it provides productivity throughout the entire postpress stage. In addition, it ensures that blanks or paperboard sheets are accurately deposited. A blanking unit in the machine should therefore be used as often as possible. This will increase the efficiency of the postpress process for a package. It will save time for the user and costs for the packaging manufacturer. 

Marbach Sales Manager Bernhard Reisser: "For blanking, we work with a modular system. Therefore, our solutions are quickly available and we are able to react very flexibly to our customers' requirements. Our systems are user-friendly and can be installed in the blanking station without long set-up times".

The lightblanker
The lightblanker is a modular blanking tool that allows the base frame to remain in the machine. It can be quickly and easily adapted to the job-specific separating grid for each application. Thanks to its quick-lock mechanism, it is ready for immediate use in just a few steps. 

The marbablanker
For repeat orders Marbach recommends the marbablanker to its customers. The marbablanker is individually adapted to the customer's needs. It is characterized by its low weight and high stability. As the tool frame is designed individually for each job and is firmly connected to the actual separating grid, the marbablanker ensures short set-up times. 

The compact blanker
The origin of the Marbach blanking tools is the compact blanker. Based on it, the lightblanker and the marbablanker have been developed. It is made of steel, and is solid and massive. It is manufactured individually for each customer order and is known for fast production processes. 

The universal sheet delivery
This Marbach development enables the blanking station of a die-cutting machine to be changed over from blank separation to sheet delivery without any need for lengthy conversion work. The lower part of the universal sheet delivery can be combined with a lightblanker base frame. It can also be supplemented with a guillotine. For maximum flexibility and efficient use of the blanking station.

With the blanking technologies from Marbach there is a proper solution for every requirement. Ensuring maximum flexibility for the user.

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