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11. March 2021

Increased demand for thermoforming molds in the USA. Large post-trim tools from Marbach Werkzeugbau.

Marbach has many years of experience in the production of thermoforming tools. With its motto "The right solution for every requirement," Marbach produces molds with a wide variety of cavities. In the USA, especially the XXL molds from Marbach enjoy high popularity.  Demand has been further increased during the Corona pandemic. 

Hubert Kittelmann, Sales Manager Marbach Werkzeugbau: "The demand for thermoform packaging has been increasing very strongly since last year. The current Corona pandemic has been leading restaurants worldwide to focus significantly more on takeaway business. This of course has had a direct impact on the demand for "To Go" packaging. This trend is particularly noticeable in the USA, where we have been enjoying high demand for large post-trim tools. With these, our customers can produce more packaging in the same amount of time."

In addition, the discussion about packaging made from more sustainable materials continues. In a number of states in the U.S., foamed packaging has now been largely banned and suppliers are switching to alternatives made from PP or APET. 

Kittelmann continues: "These materials place the highest demands on mold technology, which is why Marbach is also a sought-after partner here. Because in addition to expertise in proper cooling and precise cutting gaps of a thermoforming tool, appropriate large-scale and high-precision manufacturing machines are required for the production of the tools. Marbach's superbly equipped production facility in Heilbronn has these special systems in use, operated by experts with many years of experience."

Exclusive XXL molds for the world's largest trim-in-place machines have been built at the Heilbronn plant from as early as 1990. Marbach's customers in the USA are now benefiting from this expertise. Thanks to efficient mold technology "Made in Germany", they can meet the increased demand for recyclable plastic packaging in the USA.

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