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die-cutting technology Service
28. February 2023

Efficient processes and short set-up times when die-cutting folding cartons. The Marbach Performance Package boosts productivity.

We not only supply you with die-cutting, stripping and blanking tools for the production of folding cartons, but also support you in increasing your performance in packaging production. For this purpose, we have the "Marbach Performance Package" service in our portfolio. 

Jan Brunner, Sales Manager at Marbach Stanzformtechnik: "Our customers must continuously produce faster and cheaper in order to stay competitive. But at some point, machine speeds reach their limits, so output has to be increased by employing other measures. Machine downtimes are a high cost factor, because during this time no production can take place and because no sales can be generated. So, the longer a die-cutting machine has to be set-up for a new job, the more costly it is for our customers. Short set-up times are therefore the crucial factor in modern folding carton production. This is where our Performance Package comes in: With little effort, customers can use it to sustainably increase their productivity." 

The Performance Package is worked out and put together individually for you and depends on the conditions on-site. Factors such as machine equipment, machine condition, tool technologies used, but also work processes and employee qualifications play decisive roles, because these directly or indirectly influence set-up times. 

The result of a performance package analysis is a written report of the results as well as a concrete action plan with recommendations for action and a presentation of potential for improvement. The basis for this is always an analysis of your existing processes. Brunner continues: "For this purpose, our application engineers use state-of-the-art recording and video technology to record the set-up of different jobs. This includes the machine environment, taken from different perspectives at our customers' sites. Our experts then analyze the recordings, work out the causes of inefficient set-up, use them to determine potential savings in detail and thus deliver a concept for optimizing set-up times that is tailored to the customer."

The Performance Package is made up of various modules that are individually adapted to your requirements. Each one addresses different areas and helps to reduce set-up times on the die-cutting machine. For example, machine upgrades such as the DZL|plate, the mplaten|cleaner platen cleaning device or the calibration tool directly reduce set-up time. In some places, suitable tool technologies can also save time. The die-cutting machine environment also has potential for improvement in terms of shortening distances and speeding up processes. These measures can be supplemented by employee training at the Marbach Academy, because well-trained machine operators also have a signifiant influence on productivity. In addition, the use of special system solutions such as CONNECT|M support you in bringing your productivity in packaging production to the top level.

Brunner explains, "With the help of this unique concept, our customers create smooth processes and safety in packaging production, can work in a highly productive way and thus remain competitive in a highly competitive market." 

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