12. January 2017

First presentation at the CCE Munich.

This year, Marbach will exhibit for the first time at the CCE in Munich. The company will present its newest developments there. 

Marbach is characterized by a broad product portfolio. And by solutions that meet demands. The CCE focusses on corrugated board as well as folding boxes. Marbach Sales Director Silvio Gruber: “These are our core competences. We will introduce different innovations at the CCE, that have all one goal: to increase the performance of our customers.”

Minimizing make-ready times
Marbach will showcase its digital zone levelling technology at the CCE. It is available in different formats. The product levels out height deviations of the cutting platen. Therefore a conventional area patching is no longer necessary. The operator profits from higher machine performance. Together with the mpower|+ cutting-die and the magic sheet, make-ready times can be reduced to an absolute minimum. 

Top speed
In rotary die-cutting, Marbach presents its tool marbaspeed|r for corrugated board. This specially equipped cutting-die ensures highspeed in the rotary die-cutting process. 

Refined packaging
With Marbach refinement technologies, all packaging becomes art. Marbach not only offers 2D and 3D embossing, but also hotfoil solution marbafoil. All from one source. Marbafoil becomes especially efficient through the Marbach thinplate system ensuring highest time-savings in repeat jobs. The new embossing laser can provide even finest embossing contours. The pure edge technology allows flawless corrugated board packaging. 

Efficient blanking
The new Marbach blanking tools marbablanker and lightblanker. They stand for simple handling. Flexibility. And efficient blanking. 

Waste-free stripping process
The stripping process is very complex. The Marbach tool masterstrip|plate is characterized by smooth stripping with almost no waste.

Hygienic die-cutting
For high requirements to hygiene and product safety, Marbach offers the unique tool marbaclean. This extraordinary hygiene tool is equipped with special safeguards and materials for the food industry. Certified. So customers are always on the safe side. Also with high demands on hygiene. 

The tension is rising
Marketing Manager Tina Dost: “We are looking forward to our first trade fair presentation at the CEE, which takes place between the 21st and 23rd of March 2017 in Munich. And also looking forward to many visitors in Hall B5, booth 1234.