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16. November 2017

Tested cigarette packaging for more safety. With the crease bend tester from Marbach.

Marbach knows the requirements of the market. Especially for manufacturing cigarette packaging where the demands on quality are high, and the packaging process has to be especially productive. With the crease bend tester, Marbach offers its customers a device with which creasing forces and folding resistance of a package can be tested precisely. For the smooth packaging process of cigarettes.

“Packaging must fit the product that is to be packed,” says Tina Dost, Marketing Manager at Marbach. “But of course also the packaging process has to be evaluated. For example during packaging of cigarettes the requirements are very high. The inline packaging machines are unforgiving of any faults in the quality of the packaging blanks. In order to keep our customers on the safe side with respect to their own customers, we as a complete service provider also offer – besides high quality cutting-dies – devices for quality control.” 

With Marbach tools, creasing forces and folding resistance of packaging can be tested. In the run-up to, during but also after the production and up to final inspection. In this way the quality of the produced packages can be guaranteed and documented. How does this work? With the Marbach crease bend tester and its components samples are made. Depending on the application of the hydraulic laboratory press, the sample cutter or the marbapress. Samples are simply put into the crease bend tester. This tool then determines the creasing values. On the basis of these creasing values, decisions concerning material selection can be made. Moreover they also function as proof of the produced blanks’ quality. So a smooth packaging process is supported by the application of the crease bend tester. 

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