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Quality control.



The package has to fit. With the product. In the process. We are aiming high at Marbach. Quality is a way of life for us. We have tools for quality control of packaging. For you. Always ensuring you remain on the safe side with your customers. Check the creasing values and the folding resistance of your packaging beforehand. Or directly during production. For quality assurance. And for documentation. Create an easy test. Depending on the purpose, with the hydraulic lab press or the toggle press. Put the test in the crease bend tester. Measure the creasing values. Done. That way you have absolute control. Also with regards to your customer’s requests. Lean back and relax.

  • test bending resistance, folding factor, and reset force
  • quality control
  • simple handling
Technical details of the product
  • State-of-the-art computer, screen, and printer
  • Folding and bending stiffness tester including reception clamp up to approx. 0.8 mm cardboard thickness
  • crease bend tester software package developed for windows
  • Database system
  • Excel export function
  • Including knee press (including tool to precisely cut out samples with 1.5 t compressive force) if desired
  • Dimensions: Length: 270 mm, Width: 390 mm, Heigth: 300 mm
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