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21. July 2017

New blanking technology establishes itself.

More than a year ago Marbach launched its new blanking technology on the market. It has established itself more and more during the last months. Over 100 customers worldwide already use the new Marbach technologies marbablanker and lightblanker as the standard. And this number is continuously increasing.

Jan Brunner, Head of Business Development: “In the meantime due to the huge success of our blanking technology, we produce them directly on-site in all our subsidiaries. Worldwide. For our customers, the use of these tools mean not only higher productivity, but also an exact separation of the blanks. With that, the further processing becomes significantly more efficient than with conventional blanking technologies. Our customers are excited by the increased performance in blanking.”

The Marbach blanking portfolio, that includes the tools marbablanker as well as lightblanker, is supplemented by the nick-breaking technology. With it, small ups with a double knife can be run with considerably higher speed. Because especially in special cases, such as small ups, problems in the blanking process are often inevitable. Not with nick-breaking. Because with it, the small ups are safely separated, neatly stacked and the machine runs without stops.

With its blanking solutions, Marbach provides the perfect fitting tool for every requirement. For automatic blanking that pays off.

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