Solution concept for maximum die-cutting performance.

For maximum die-cutting performance, everything has to be right: The condition and settings of the die-cutting machine as well as the quality and equipment of the tool package. But also a perfectly prepared die-cutting machine. We can provide you not only with a perfectly equipped tool package for the production of your packaging, but also with suitable machine upgrades for even more productivity.


A clean cutting platen is the basis for smooth die-cutting processes. That's why your cutting platen should be in top condition. No problem with the mplaten|cleaner-smart. It allows you to clean your cutting platen quickly and efficiently without having to dismantle the chain. This means a long tool life and more productivity for your die-cutting machine. 

Calibration tool.

Once the cutting platen has been cleaned, all stations of the die-cutting machine should be perfectly adjusted to minimize setup times. This perfect register ensures process reliability during die-cutting, stripping and blanking.

Digital zone levelling DZL.

The machine is cleaned and adjusted. What comes next? Quite simple: DZL digital zone levelling. This allows you to achieve maximum efficiency during make-ready! The DZL which is custom-made for your die-cutting machine automatically compensates for permanent system-related tolerances in the cutting platen. This means short make-ready times and no more time-consuming zone compensation for each new job.

Performance Package.

Now you are perfectly equipped. But there is always room for improvement. The Performance Package is an on-site analysis by our experienced application engineers. It helps you to find out which system settings need to be adjusted for maximum performance. Using the latest onsite recording and video technology we will analyze your processes and provide you with a personalized approach to optimizing your processes. Including an action plan.

And if you need training, we are also there for you. At the Marbach Academy, participants receive gain practical knowledge and skills directly on the die-cutting machine.


You see: At Marbach you do not just buy cutting-dies. We offer solutions and services for maximum performance.

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