Event Thermoforming
17. May 2021

Thermoforming web.talks 01 Marbach Host & Moderator at SPE Event.

The Heilbronn-based manufacturer of thermoforming tools, Marbach, was represented at the first Thermoforming on May 5 with Sales Manager Hubert Kittelmann as moderator & host. The first event of a whole series of virtual talk rounds was organized by the European Thermoforming Division of SPE. 

The talk that was lead by Hubert Kittelmann (Marbach) and Sven Engelmann (Illig) was all about the latest industry trends, the latest developments in recycling opportunities and different approaches to sustainability from material innovations to end-of-life choices. These topics were highlighted 4 different presentations. Starting with  “Announcement for 2022 Conference Presentation” by Paul Earnshaw from TESCO, followed by “Introducing the Plastic Bank Philosophy” by David Katz from Plastic Bank and “Closing the Loop for PP Recycling – Technology update” by Prof. Ed Kosior from NextLoop and finished with “New Design Guide – Creating Circularity in Food Packaging” by Thomas Drustrup & Thomas Bak Thellesen from Faerch/Danish Plastic Fed.

A recording of the whole talk can be found here

The next webtalks will be coming from the SPE Conference in Grand Rapids / USA in September this year. We will focus on “smart manufacturing strategies”. A subject where Marbach will certainly have valuable input for you. – stay tuned!

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