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die-cutting technology
16. January 2024

The quick and easy solution for reduced knife make-ready times. The DZL|plate from Marbach.

We stand for maximum performance when die-cutting packaging. The DZL|plate is a solution that has proven itself hundreds of times in practice. This special protection plate ensures reduced knife make-ready times for the user on every single job.

The DZL|plate is a customised protection plate with a printed height profile. This means that it is perfectly adapted to the conditions of a die-cutting machine´s platen. Once inserted into the die-cutting machine, the DZL|plate provides zone levelling for several months. This means that zone levelling is usually no longer required for each individual job. This significantly reduces the make-ready time for the knives. 

Bernhard Reisser, Industry Manager at Marbach: "The DZL|plate is still very popular with our customers. This is partly because it is quick and easy to use. Not only that, but you can see the results immediately in the knife make-ready times: Our customers report a significant reduction in cutting pressure and a reduction of more than 30% in knife make-ready times per job. And it pays off: digital zone levelling pays for itself in a very short time. As a result, many of our customers have now equipped their entire machine fleet with digital zone levelling and have become much more efficient in making-ready their orders." 

The DZL|plate is available in two versions: DZL|plate for cardboard packaging machines and DZL|plateXL for large-format machines in the corrugated board sector

More information about the digital zone levelling DZL|plate can be found here.

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