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die-cutting technology
16. February 2022

Steel counter plate with marbazero. Marbach launches new product for flexibility and performance.

Marbach has exciting news on the subject of steel counter plates. As of now, under the name marbazero, a new additional piece of equipment for steel counter plates will be available. This will provide even better performance during die-cutting.

Sales Manager Jan Brunner: "Using a steel counter plate as a counter plate has many advantages for our customers. They benefit from fast machine speeds, stable nicks, consistent creasing values and beautiful packaging. However, with conventional steel counter plates, it often happens that the steel counter plate does not fit the tool exactly. This results in longer make-ready times than are necessary. In addition, a conventional steel counter plate can only ever be used on a specific machine, since each machine model requires a different steel counter plate contour. Flexibility is therefore non-existent. For this reason we set to mastering these challenges. The result is a steel counter plate with marbazero. A bad register from tool to steel counter plate plus lack of flexibility are now things of the past. The steel counter plate as a counter plate has therefore become a must-have for every job."

marbazero is a system consisting of a marbazero distance plate and a matching steel counter plate. These are equipped with special holes so that the steel counter plate can be positioned quickly and precisely. And it takes no time at all: the steel counter plate is placed on the distance plate, screwed into place, so that the steel counter plate fits the cutting-die. Die-cutting can now begin.

In addition to reducing make-ready time and ensuring high packaging quality, marbazero increases flexibility in packaging production. This is because marbazero has a smaller all-around contour than the distance plate. This means that the steel counter plate with marbazero can be used universally on different machines. The only precondition is that the machine is equipped with a marbazero distance plate.

Brunner continues: "With marbazero, our customers will significantly reduce their setup times for steel counter plates, in fact almost down to zero. This is why we call this technology marbazero."

marbazero is available immediately for folding box die-cutting machines up to format 162.

For those wishing to know more about marbazero: We will host web sessions on the topic of performance as part of the Performance Week running from February 21 to 25. One of the topics presented will be marbazero.


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