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12. March 2019

Platen cleaner mplaten|cleaner. Marbach device is on the way to the top.

Marbach has caused a sensation in the market with its platen cleaning device mplaten|cleaner. Well over 100 devices have already been sold. More and more customers want to benefit from the advantages of this new Marbach tool.

Erik Bülow, Sales Marbach Die Supplies & Automation: "The feedback from our customers on the mplaten|cleaner is consistently positive. The statements range from: "The performance of the new Marbach device is top" to "we are enthusiastic about the very easy handling" to "a comparatively inexpensive device with great performance. Thank you Marbach." 

Cleaning the platen with the mplaten|cleaner usually takes one hour. A very short period of time, if you consider that the productivity of the die-cutting machine increases for many months with just this first cleaning. The mplaten|cleaner pays for itself very quickly. "A worthwhile and very sensible purchase for our customers", says Bülow.

The mplaten|cleaner is offered in different versions. It is available for both large-format corrugated board and paperboard die-cutting machines.

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