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20. October 2020

Stable and efficient stripping processes. With the masterstrip|plate from Marbach.

Marbach is offering a special stripping tool which ensures a smooth stripping process during packaging production. The tool named masterstrip|plate has already been sold thousands of times. More and more Marbach customers are deciding to use this high-performance tool.

Marbach International Sales Manager Bernhard Reisser: "The demand for our tools in masterstrip|plate design is unbroken. Thanks to the built-in presser plate in the male part, the sheet is optimally positioned and fixed to the tool during the stripping process. The female stripping tool is equipped with the marbafly lifting aid. As a result, the stripping process is extremely stable. This allows very high machine speeds, zero waste and best stripping performance. Even with difficult requirements."

With the Marbach technology masterstrip|plate, stripping has become a safe mechanical process which significantly increases performance in the stripping station.

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