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die-cutting technology
20. May 2020

For reduced make-ready times during reverse cutting. Split height-adjustable anvil from Marbach.

Marbach has recently introduced its new split height-adjustable anvil for reducing make-ready times during reverse cutting. Since its introduction Marbach has sold this innovative technology many times over. Customers using tools with a split height-adjustable anvil are very impressed.

During reverse cutting the paperboard material is not cut through but the carton is scored from both sides in an offset position. This creates a special tearing mechanism that is very popular for packaging. Reverse cutting requires a very high degree of precision because the paperboard material to be cut is very thin and the tear mechanism only works well if the scoring is not too weak and not too strong. A great challenge for the cutting-die and the machine operator.

Bernhard Reisser, Sales Manager at Marbach: "For reverse cutting, success lies in adjusting the cutting-die and counter plate in such a way that the scoring of the carton works optimally. To ensure the make-ready process is as efficient as possible, we have developed the split height-adjustable anvil. It is height adjustable and thus provides an optimal, fast, and efficient way of setting up the reverse cutting from the front of the cutting-die. The height of the reverse cutting can be individually adjusted, quickly and easily and so can be set in the best possible way.

For Marbach customers this means easy handling, highest accuracy and a stable scoring result over the whole production run. 

Reisser continues: "Customers who use our new technology report significantly reduced make-ready times and perfectly working tearing mechanisms as well." With this innovation Marbach contributes to a further reduction of set-up times for its customers.

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