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die-cutting technology
21. January 2021

Special die-cutting technologies for thick materials. Solid steel tools from Marbach.

Marbach offers individual tool solutions. Die-cutting of thick materials places very special demands on the cutting-die. 

Michael Kiesel, Sales Manager at Marbach: "For thick materials such as ETC floor coverings, tiles or other sheet material a cutting-die needs very special characteristics. The tool has to be extremely and dimensionally stable and must possess robust knives in order to withstand the cutting process and deliver good cutting results."

For this reason, Marbach offers solid steel tools with integrated ejection technology. The solid knives with which these tools are equipped are milled from steel and are therefore particularly stable. To ensure a long service life of the tool, the knives can be re-sharpened at any time. Due to these special characteristics, Marbach solid steel tools die-cut thick materials trouble-free.

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