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die-cutting technology
27. September 2021

Short set-up times for embossing and die-cutting in two passes: The Embossing-Register-System IV ensures greater efficiency.

Marbach provides solutions to ensure top performance for its customers. In order to make packaging more attractive and to visually highlight individual elements of packing, the embellishment process of embossing is often used. As an eye-catcher, it increases the impact of a package at the point of sale. This then has a sales-promoting effect for the packaged product. If the embossing process is not integrated into the die-cutting process but is carried out separately, this is known as embossing and die-cutting in two passes. This is more time-consuming than an embossing process integrated into the die-cutting process. But here, too, set-up times can be minimized. 

Bernhard Reisser, industry manager for the folding carton industry at Marbach: "When packaging is produced in two passes, it is first embellished with an embossing die and then die-cut in the second step."

A separate machine pass in general requires additional effort, which one tries to avoid. However, the process is often necessary if the embossing pattern runs through the creasing areas or is very close to cutting or creasing rules. This makes embossing in a single pass technically not feasible. The female dies are located on a so-called embossing mould. Recessed drill holes in the female dies allow them to be moved and aligned for printing.

Reisser continues: "The conventional set-up of the embossing to the print image costs quite a bit of time. To speed up this process, we have developed the Embossing-Register-System IV (PES IV) set-up aid especially for embossing plates. The female embossing dies can be moved exactly so that they fit the print image perfectly with the aid of positioning pins manufactured to precision dimensions. The positioning pins are designed in such a way that two adjustment directions can be carried out with one pin. Different colored markings on the pins stand for defined shifting tolerances. Thus, the PES IV is characterized by its very simple and very effective handling."

The fitting aid only has to be purchased once and can then be used universally, so it pays for itself very quickly. The job-specific embossing plates from Marbach are already equipped with specific properties in advance for use with the PES IV.


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