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14. November 2017

Beautiful visible edges of corrugated board packaging. Sealed Air uses the Marbach technology pure edge for all tools.

Marbach presented some time ago its technology for optically appealing visible edges in corrugated board packaging. Since then various customers are employing pure edge. One of these customers is the Sealed Air Verpackungen GmbH in Alsfeld, Germany. Sealed Air has been so convinced by this technology that in the meantime all its tools for single-wall corrugated board have been equipped with pure edge. 

Bernd Becker, production manager at Sealed Air: “During the production of single-wall corrugated board packaging, we sometimes had problems with the formation of angel-hair. The visible edges of the packaging was ragged and didn’t comply with the high quality requirements of our customers. As a result Marbach suggested pure edge technology. Tests with pure edge have been very positive. The packaging that was produced with it had absolutely clean visible edges, with the naked eye no angel-hair was visible. And that’s why we completely switched to pure edge. To date, we are more than happy with this decision.”

Pure edge technology is replacing functional rubbering along the cutting rules with steel pressers. This means that corrugated board is completely compressed directly next to the knives during the die-cutting process. Very clean cuts emerge, and so the formation of cutting dust or angel-hair can be prevented with this technology. 

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